Breathwork for Happy Days - 3 Simple Breathwork Exercises Anyone Can Learn

Instead of using stimulants and relaxants, such as coffee or alcohol, use your breath to activate and calm your nervous system.

After all, it is free  – and literally, just under your nose!

Download the ‘Breathwork for Happy Days’ videos below.

What if you could...

Let go of stimulants

Breath is an easily accessible and a free way to help you activate your sympathetic nervous system without stimulants. It kickstarts your day into action-mode and gives you a boost of energy whenever you need it.

Let go of relaxants

Breath is a natural 'medicine' to bring calmness, rest, and relaxation into your life when you feel anxious, stressed, or agitated. It allows you to relax into the parasympathetic nervous system in a gentle way.

Have more happiness

Breathe is a great way to help you become more present in your body and to be able to choose the high-vibrational emotions you want to feel, such as happiness, pleasure, and peace. It's the gateway to self-love too!

Here's what you'll learn from my videos 'Breathwork for Happy Days'

Breathing is easy. We all do it from the moment we’re born. 

But now, it’s time to start doing it more consciously for your benefit.

By downloading my three simple breathwork videos, you’ll start learning about:

  • the benefits of conscious breathing to you and to your life
  • when to use which breathwork
  • how to integrate into your daily routines


Breathwork for Happy Days
Selfishly Happy Coach Anne Bland smiling

I’m a certified Breath Coach and love helping people to discover the Magic of Breath!

Breathwork is a great tool for healing and creating happiness, pleasure, and peace in your life.


Hi, I'm Anne!

I used to be addicted to coffee – and lots of it! After work it was so nice to pour a glass of wine or go for a drink with some friends to relax. Until, I completely collapsed… I literally fainted on the kitchen floor! 

Using stimulants and alcohol on a daily basis is an easy option, I get it. But, it’s not sustainable as I learned it the hard way. There’s a limit how long we can abuse our bodies like that…

Luckily, our nervous system is very clever and it can heal itself – and there’s a very easy way to help to regulate it: breath! 

Start enjoying your breath:
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DISCLAIMER: Please note that you need to contact your medical doctor if you have health or mental health problems, if you are pregnant, or if you are concerned about starting breathwork. Anne Bland is not a medical practitioner, nor a psychotherapist, and this resource is shared as a learning opportunity only.