Pleasure Is Your Birthright - 7 Holistic Sex Tools

Celebrations are in order! You’re in for a true pleasure treat…

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What if you could have more pleasure in your life?

Better Sex

To get out of your head and critical mind and have more sexual empowerment and safety? Experience hot, juicy, and deeply satisfying sex? Become a Master or Mistress of Sex?

Sacred Sex

To heal old wounds and replace them with high vibrational states? To experience bliss and ecstasy? To transform a sexual act into a meditation and a spiritual practice?

Conscious Relationships

To deepen the love, connection, and intimacy with each other? To use your sexual energy to co-create the life you both desire? Have fun?!

You can practice my 7 Holistic Tantric Tools on your own or with a partner. In fact, I'd encourage couples to have their own individual sexual pleasure practice to heal, to have joy and fun in privacy.

These Holistic, Tantric Sex Tools are deceptively simple, but please do not be fooled: they are very powerful and a true game-changer!

The key is to practice them.

And once you master these, there are so many other delicious practices and tools that I will show you… 


Here's what you'll learn from my eBook
'Pleasure Is Your Birthright
- 7 Holistic Sex Tools'

The 7 Holistic Sex Tools are:



You'll learn

Pleasure is Your Birthright

Hi, I'm Anne!

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I’m a certified Tantric Sex Coach and I love helping people to discover their own pleasure and bliss!

Tantra is a beautiful philosophy of life and a joyful and delicious practice for healing and creating happiness, pleasure, and peace in your life.


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I’ve always been fascinated by sex – like many of us are. It just wasn’t always as good as I wanted it to be and I needed to understand why. 

That lead me to the ancient Taoist philosophy of Tantra and the more modern sexual practices of Neo-Tantra and the neuroscience of healing.

Finally, I felt like I’d found my sexual ‘home’ and trained as a Men’s Sexuality and a Tantric Sex Coach as well as having been a Sex, Love, and Relationships Coach and a Breath Coach.

My passion is to share the wisdom of Tantra and its delightful practices. I invite you to download my little eBook on Pleasure and start learning the 7 Holistic Sex Tools and see how that will transform your sex life into a better, more juicier, and even more sacred sex life!

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that you need to contact your medical doctor if you have health or mental health problems or if you are concerned about Tantra or breathwork. Anne Bland is not a medical practitioner, nor a psychotherapist, and this resource is shared as a learning opportunity only.