Hi, I’m Anne, Your Happiness and Tantric Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach.

Selfishly Happy Coach Anne Bland smiling

Are you ready to explore if your sex and love life could be better? Even sacred? 

Do you want to become masterful in bringing more pleasure, happiness, and peace into your and your lover’s lives?

Would you love to learn practices that make you feel more alive, confident, and sexy? 

Selfishly Happy Coaching is designed to bring you all that!

If you’d like to explore Selfishly Happy Coaching, book a free, no obligation call with me. 

"My self-judgement has transformed into self-healing and self-care. I can express my male energy joyously and in ways in which others find it more acceptable. I've become a much more effective leader, both in my personal and work lives. I now operate from my core values more consistently. Anne is highly personable; combining professional competency, depth of knowledge, and inspirational empathy."
Tim Oshodi, Selfishly Happy Man
Tim Oshodi
Community-led eco-housing and regeneration consultant, UK

Selfishly Happy Coaching

Selfishly Happy Coaching involves:

  1. Becoming SELF-AWARE of your needs, desires, fears, and anxieties.
  2. Having SELF-MASTERY of tools and processes to have what you desire and to become the person you want to be – both in the bedroom and in the boardroom.
  3. Developing SELF-EXPRESSION that takes your authentic voice and your purpose to the world. 

I’ve created a unique methodology that combines:

  • the most modern social, happiness, and neuroscience
  • the ancient Taoist Tantric traditions and the Neo-Tantra practices
  • the new way of looking at the world with the lens of partnership and caring economics
Ready to explore?

My Coaching Methodology

My deeply transformative, yet gentle, Selfishly Happy Coaching Methodology includes:

  • embodiment processes
  • pleasure practices, both for individuals and for couples
  • guided meditations
  • breathwork
  • communication tools
  • talk-based modalities

But, practice is always the key to mastery! I tend to suggest home practices and daily actions, and also provide extra resources to play with. 

And of course, what might work for someone else, might not work for you. It is a true co-creative process where we design together what brings you the results you want! 

Selfishly Happy Coaching with Anne Bland
"Anne helped me tap into what truly needed to be released within me. I had been holding this part and doing all sorts of exercises to heal it. But I couldn’t release it. She created a beautiful space where I felt safe and held, and guided me through a powerful explosive exercise to release. After the release, I felt invigorated, alive, and full of new, healthier energy. Anne was gentle and firm. I felt she really had my back. I loved the entire process. It is beautiful to work with a healer that truly wants to better the whole. This was woven in throughout the session."
Daphne Paras smiling
Daphne Paras

Breathwork Coaching

You might be familiar with the benefits of breathwork. I certainly have seen amazing transformations within just one session. 

As a breathwork coach, I offer also individual sessions. However, it is not for everyone, so I’d invite you to book a free call with me first to see if that might be for you and I can answer your questions.

The price for a 60-minute breathwork session is £80. The price may have VAT and other taxes added to it.

Did you know you can use your breath to regulate your nervous system? There is a breathwork for kickstarting your day, to balance your energies, and to relax you in the evenings. 

I’ve created three free videos to show you exactly how to do this. You can download them from below. 

"I have experienced very powerful breathwork sessions with Anne. She asked me what I needed from her to feel supported and safe. For me this was hearing her voice and being reassured during the breathwork process as well as being held energetically and feeling her presence. It worked beautifully. Today, it was very intense, and I went deep because I felt really safe and held by Anne. She encouraged me and told me how well I was doing, and she held that container fully present and connected to me. I was able to release a lot – again! It can be done in a way that feels good and safe for my nervous system."
Manager, Switzerland
Self-awareness. Self-mastery. Self-expression.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you coach online?

Yes. I coach online to give you the privacy and comfort of your own space and on your chosen time.

I also offer workshops either in location or virtually.

Do you guarantee results?

I have seen the deeply transformative power of my methodology after just one session, especially the breathwork sessions, as you can see from the testimonials.

Your commitment to the ‘homeplay’ we co-create is the key for sustainable change.

Do you work only with individuals?

I work with individuals and with couples, mainly heterosexual couples.

However, Selfishly Happy Coaching would work on same sex, non-binary, and polyamory relationships.

I have a good network of other coaches that I can recommend if we decide to explore other coaches.

What do I need for a coaching session?

Just on open mind to be coachable, curiosity to explore ‘all of you’, and commitment to the ‘home-play’ that we’ll co-create for you. 

Having privacy for yourself is important but please note that there is no nudity on camera.

You’ll need a good wifi, a microphone, and a camera on your computer. 

What about groups?

I love facilitating Tantra circles, workshops, and retreats, and also with organisations.

Companies are increasingly interested in supporting their staff to become more thriving and happy leaders – Selfishly Happy Leaders!

Are you a therapist?

No, I am not. I am a coach and not medically qualified or a psychotherapist. Please speak with your doctor or a therapist if you are uncertain about coaching or breathwork.

Do you do speaking engagements?

I love taking the stage (the old politician in me!) and giving talks on these important and juicy topics! Check out, for instance, this one: ‘Pleasure is Your Birthright!’ talk I did for PechaKutcha Leamington Spa, UK.

Do you offer discounts?

I don’t. But what feels good to me is to accept two clients on a donation-basis every quarter. Do book a call with me to discuss your situation.

I am also creating free content here on my website for self-study.

Pleasure is Your Birthright!