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Ready to reclaim your own pleasure, happiness, and peace?

To become masterful in your sex and love life?

And to make a difference in the world?

If you are: welcome!

You are in the right place and I celebrate you!

I’m Anne Bland, your International Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach specialising in Breathwork.

Would you like to have better sex?

Sacred sex?

Conscious relationships?

If that’s a YES, get my FREE eBook called:

Pleasure is Your Birthright – 7 Holistic Sex Tools

Regardless of your age, background, ability, gender, or relationship status

pleasure IS your birthright!

You were born with pleasure and joy, that joie de vivre,

and you are always worthy and deserving of having it.

And no. It's not selfish. It's all about becoming 'selfishly happy.'

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Ready to practice Tantra?

Join the


Pleasure Quest is a 7-day private challenge

that will guide you through daily practises based on 7 Holistic, Tantric Sex Tools.

This Quest is all about YOU!

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Tantric philosophy comes alive in this practical Pleasure Quest

and you get to practice and keep the course, including its updates on the app.

You can come back to the practices whenever you want.


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