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Hi, I'm Anne!

I'm your Tantra, love, and relationships coach and a public speaker.

I'm also the founder of the

Selfishly Happy Revolution, a mentor of coaches, and the host of the

Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others Podcast.

A Tantric EduPreneur...

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My deepest desire is to inspire more

happiness and pleasure in the world.


Because pleasure-positive and happy people

just don’t start wars…

About Anne Bland, the Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach

Everyone deserves and is worthy of being happy and having more pleasure and peace in their lives.

We’re all different, but at core, we tend to desire the same things:

- to love and to be loved

- to have clarity on our desires and to feel desired

- to get our needs and desires met

- to feel that we are safe and

- that we belong

It would be my honour to have you join the Selfishly Happy Revolution and to start your own, empowering Pleasure Journey as a Selfishly Happy You.

After all, pleasure IS your birthright!

I definitely didn't get here overnight.

In fact, quite the opposite...

Here’s a confession.

I didn’t always believe that pleasure was my birthright…

I suffered from a series of burn-outs, had a PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from a cycling accident,

and learned later in my life that I had been

sexually abused as a child twice...

But, there was this part of me that kept wondering

if things could be different.
It kept nagging me to find out how to be fully alive again!

As a single mother of three and a recovering Green political leader who worried about the climate change and the state of this beautiful planet, it wasn’t easy…

Little by little, I learned to put myself first and foremost, so that I’d have more to give to my family and to the world.

Just like they say on airplanes:

“Put your oxygen mask first before helping others.”

Except, that for me, the oxygen mask is PLEASURE.

I learned to become a “Selfishly Happy” the hard way.

It is my passion to help others - so that YOU can have it easier, regardless of your gender.

Stanley Beckett's testimonial for Selfishly Happy Anne Bland

"Anne brings with her a world of knowledge and experience

which she is always willing to share.

She has a powerful vision of helping people to

selfishly reconnect with their True Self again.

It's funny how she teaches about selfishness,

being the total opposite."

Stanley Beckett, CEO and Chief Trainer, South Africa

Proudly a multi-passionate woman...

Coaching Certifications in:

- Men’s Sexuality

- Tantric Practice

  1. - Love, Sex, and Relationships

- Breathwork

I’ve guided hundreds of clients around the world

through deep, yet gentle, transformations

and have 17 years of private practice experience.

Master's Degree in Philanthropy and Social Investment

from Bayes Business School in London

(previously Cass Business School)

As a social impact consultant, I worked with governments, private and social enterprise sectors creating a "triple bottom line" approach to business. It's not enough to focus on financial bottom line.

We need to know what the social and environmental impact of the financial activities are too.

I was invited to study Climate Reality Leadership with Al Gore in Johannesburg, South Africa, and worked as a mentor for his students.

I keep studying

meditation, the science of happiness and trauma healing

to understand why humans suffer and how we thrive

- and weave them into my offerings.

Care to get even more personal?

Here are a few fun facts…

I’m Finnish and have got a true Nordic liberal upbringing:

I grew up thinking that nakedness is natural.

I mean, all those saunas...

There are more saunas in Finland per capita than cars!

I've lived in the UK, France, Marocco, and Portugal.

I built an eco-house in Finland

and had 10 turkeys, 7 sheep, 3 dogs, 3 kids and 1 husband.

I still have the kids.

I was sent to the United Nations by the Finnish Foreign Office

and pretended to give a speech in an empty hall on that famous podium

- a true photo opportunity for a politician; or for that grinning inner 7-year old!

Now that my children are all adults,

I am travelling the world,

building my online community and courses app and

creating live events for you to join me wherever I am.

About Anne Bland in United Nations AGM
About Anne Bland in her smallholding with a dog

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